Hey, I'm Dustin.
I'm Diné, Laguna Pueblo and Yaqui based designer + illustrator based in Phoenix, AZ. I'm competitive, creative, and love to laugh. My passion for creativity can be traced back to my childhood, whether it was submitting a logo for a competition or developing an art magazine on my own time. I am passionate about storytelling and using multiple creative mediums to enhance the story.
“Since fourth grade I can remember drawing graffiti, characters, and letters, filling up page after page of designs while staring at my grandmother's weavings. I would often ask her where she came up with these designs and she would humbly respond, ‘in my head.’ I couldn't compete with her creativity but I would do my best to make her proud of my work inspired by our cultures, history, languages, and identity.”

Away from the creative desk, I am committed to being a contributing member of IndigeDesign Collab and Cahokia (off Roosevelt Row). I'm a recently retired full-time Firefighter in Northern Arizona, founder + designer of 'Mixtblood Streetwear', and I push to discover the creative solutions in being successful while being forced to live in different worlds (on and off the reservation).
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