I was asked to create a poster for the Indigenous People's Day for Phoenix Design Week. I could not pass this up as I'm very passionate about my culture and identity. I decided o shine some light on an issue that is gaining more exposure, but I waned to develop a striking image to bring more attention to missing and murdered women on reservations across the north American continent. I hand drew an image on my iPad and transferred from illustrator and photoshop for some final tweaking. Poster will be printed and featured in the poster series in October on Indigenous People's Day.
Detail shot of the typography. It had to be included on the poster and I didn't want it to distract from the main image. 
Detail shot of illustration originally created on my iPad. Created brushes and lightened face to communicate the women who have disappeared. The red hand symbol is a nationally recognized symbol for the missing and murdered native women we have lost over the decades. 
Indigenous People's day poster submission.
A mock up to display what the poster would look like in the everyday environment. 
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